In a rapidly changing world, Gauge ERP brings continuous innovation. We provide a comprehensive and modern solution in the realm of cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), offering your business advanced capabilities such as Business Intelligence to enhance operations and decision-making. It automatically accelerates and streamlines processes that might otherwise pose challenges. Additionally, it provides real-time market analysis and automatic updates to stay consistently updated, ensuring a competitive edge.

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Revolutionizing retail and point-of-sale. It a comprehensive solution that eases the burdens of work in stores, starting from organizing and speeding up sales, inventory, and accounting processes, establishing an effective loyalty system, and managing offers, ensuring seamless integration with diverse point-of-sale devices and payment equipment. Discover more !

It is the comprehensive solution for all restaurant management needs. It includes order registration, production in the central kitchen, invoicing, and facilitates tracking all types of orders, generating accurate and smooth reports. It contributes to improving operational efficiency. Discover more !

With our product, Gauge Property, users experience a unique approach that redefines property management with efficiency and smoothness. This integrated system comes with exceptional advantages to streamline property management and interactions with property owners and tenants. Discover more !

It is a comprehensive and ideal solution for managing e-commerce stores, customizable for both B2B and B2C purposes. Compatible with browsers and mobile devices, it integrates seamlessly with the Gauge ERP system. Discover more !

Integration and Flexibility of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

Gauge ERP is a comprehensive and powerful system that enables you to efficiently and effectively manage all aspects of your business.

Easy of Implementation

Its user-friendly design makes it suitable for immediate use and rapid implementation.

Suitable for Simple and Complex Businesses

Gauge ERP caters to small, medium, and large businesses, adapting to the diverse needs of different enterprises.

Compliance with Saudi Market Requirements

It fully aligns with Saudi laws and regulations, making it the optimal choice for businesses operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Compatibility with Electronic Invoices and ZATCA Requirements

Gauge ERP can be relied upon as a prepared system for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 requirements, facilitating compliance with ZATCA and electronic invoicing.

Advanced Business Intelligence Services

It grants you direct access to your organization's data and provides profound insights into business performance through integrated advanced business intelligence services in the system.

Seamless Point of Sale (POS) System

The intuitive POS system simplifies transactions, providing a smooth and efficient checkout process for both customers and staff.

Comprehensive Inventory Management

Gauge Retail offers robust inventory management tools, ensuring businesses can efficiently track stock levels, reduce wastage, and optimize supply chains.

Real-Time Analytics and Reporting

Gauge Retail provides real-time data analytics and detailed reporting, empowering businesses with actionable insights to make informed decisions, optimize sales strategies, and enhance overall efficiency.

Loyalty Programs

It supports customer engagement initiatives, such as loyalty programs, fostering customer relationships and encouraging repeat business.

Offer Management in Gauge Retail

Gauge Retail empowers you to effortlessly create and manage exclusive offers. Easily specify offer details, including duration, applicable products, and discount percentages. This feature enables you to attract more customer.

Gauge Retail seamlessly integrates with Gauge ERP

Enabling synchronized data flow between branch operations and sales outlets. This integration enhances overall efficiency, reduces manual data entry, and provides a cohesive business management solution.

Efficient Order Management

Gauge Restaurant streamlines order processing, ensuring accurate and efficient management of dine-in, takeout, and delivery orders, reducing errors and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Menu Customization and Flexibility

It allows easy customization of menus, including special offers and seasonal items, catering to a diverse customer base and increasing customer loyalty.

Integrated POS and Payment Processing

The integrated Point of Sale system and secure payment processing enhance transaction speed, accuracy, and data security, ensuring smooth and reliable payment experiences.

Inventory and Ingredient Tracking

It includes robust inventory management tools, enabling real-time tracking of ingredients and supplies, preventing wastage, and ensuring consistent menu offerings.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

The system provides detailed reporting and analytics, offering insights into sales trends, customer preferences, and operational efficiency, aiding data-driven decision-making.

Loyalty Programs

It supports customer engagement initiatives, such as loyalty programs, fostering customer relationships and encouraging repeat business.

Seamless Integration with Gauge ERP

Gauge Restaurant seamlessly integrates with Gauge ERP, enabling synchronized data flow between restaurant operations and enterprise resource planning. This integration enhances overall efficiency, reduces manual data entry, and provides a cohesive business management solution.

Multi-Location Management

Ideal for restaurant chains, Gauge Restaurant offers centralized control and real-time monitoring of multiple outlets, ensuring consistency in menu offerings, pricing, and customer experiences across locations.

Multiple Definitions of Property Structure

Gauge Property allows you to define property structures at various levels, whether complete or subdivided, with the ability to easily search and use filters to access specific details

Contract Creation and Management

Effortlessly create and manage sales and lease agreements, leveraging user-friendly interfaces and utilizing available invoicing tools. Our system empowers you with advanced search and filtering functionalities, ensuring efficient tracking and management of sales and lease contracts.

Automated Invoicing

Automatically generate invoices based on the due dates of tenants' payments. Our system streamlines the invoicing process, ensuring timely and accurate billing for your tenants.

Third-Party Properties Management

Gauge Property simplifies the management of properties owned by others, with the ability to manage contracts, invoices, and settlements between you and the original owners.

Maintenance and Renewal Works

Request and manage property maintenance works effortlessly. Assign an employee for manual follow-up or use the system to schedule maintenance according to predefined schedules.

Advertising and Promotion Management

Managing advertising and promotions for projects. This includes updating and closely monitoring the status of advertisements and tracking costs accurately and in real-time. We enable you to efficiently and precisely measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Custom Reports for Property Tracking

Access various reports that track properties, outstanding invoices, property collections, and statuses, along with reports specific to customers and contracts.

Integration with Financial and Administrative Systems

Gauge Property fully integrated with Gauge ERP systems for accurate financial reporting and detailed tax report.

Integration with Gauge ERP

Gauge E-commerce seamlessly integrates with the Enterprise Resource Planning system, Gauge ERP, effortlessly merging with customer, inventory, warehouse, purchase, and general accounting systems. This simplifies the daily operations of the online store.

Offers and Discounts Management

Empowering you to create and manage special offers and temporary discounts effortlessly. You can customize offer details, including duration, applicable products, and discount percentages, enhancing the store's attractiveness and encouraging customer purchases.

Integration with Shipping and Payment

Connecting with shipping companies to facilitate delivery processes and enabling electronic payment gateways, ensuring a smooth shopping experience for customers.

Responsive and Attractive Design

The store interface is carefully designed to fit various web browsers and mobile devices, both Android and iOS, ensuring a seamless and appealing shopping experience for customers.

Advanced Content and Ad Management

Providing easy-to-use tools for managing advertisements and promotional banners to increase the store's attractiveness and boost sales, giving you complete control over the shopping experience.

B2B and B2C Support

Whether targeting individuals or businesses, Gauge E-commerce offers multiple options for business models, making it suitable for both business-to-business and retail trade.

File Storage and Management

The system can host and manage multiple file types and sizes, including images, videos, and documents, making it a comprehensive solution for data security and electronic storage.

Data Security and Privacy

Gauge E-commerce offers a secure and protected solution for customer data and transactions, allowing the implementation of various levels of protection and information encryption.

Customization Flexibility

The store interface and product arrangement can be easily customized, allowing merchants to meet customer preferences and provide a unique and inspiring shopping experience.

Customer Support and Feedback

Gauge E-commerce for businesses includes customer support features like live chat, chatbots, and feedback forms, enabling companies to offer excellent customer service and gather valuable feedback for continuous improvement.

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What is our company, and what are its services?
We are Gauge Solutions, and we offer software development and business solutions services to companies in a variety of industries.
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We are experts in implementing the Gauge ERP system at different stages, starting from planning and analysis, all the way to successful training, operation, and technical support.
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You can start by contacting our sales team for more information and to arrange a product demo.
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Gauge ERP is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that can be customized to meet the needs of companies in various Industries.
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Yes, we provide high-quality cloud hosting services that allow customers to access our products smoothly and efficiently.
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