Streamlining Retail Management

The Gauge Retail system for Point of Sale (POS) management provides all the functionalities necessary for efficiently managing retail outlets, sales points, showrooms, and branches. It covers establishing sales screens, defining cashiers, supervisors, and shifts. It also includes loyalty points systems, discount coupons, recording various POS transactions, generating daily entries, and integrating with general accounts. Gauge Retail correlates seamlessly with POS devices such as barcode readers, screens, cash drawers, printers, and various types of payment machines.

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Gauge Retail

Through our 'Gauge Retail' product, we offer our customers a unique and exceptional experience in managing sales operations quickly and easily. This product gives the customer access to advanced and efficient mechanisms for completing sales operations, even in complex calculation processes. It operates with a dynamic system adaptable to their establishment's policies, without requiring any programming modifications or developments. Moreover, the user can link it with payment and display devices to automate payment processes and reduce the chances of human errors.

'Gauge Retail' was developed using the latest software technologies, taking user experience into consideration to ensure efficient customer needs fulfillment with an easy-to-use interface. This product is characterized by its integration and correlation with the GAUGE-ERP Enterprise Resource Planning system. This integrated system offers a comprehensive solution for creating offers, managing pricing lists, multiple payment methods with commissions and taxes calculation for payment cards. Additionally, it supports defining multiple price lists and applying coding templates across customers’ branches to maintain uniform invoice sequences. Sales are automatically migrated, and accounting entries are also generated automatically.

With 'Gauge Retail',users can efficiently manage and monitor their inventory. They can view stock availability at POS points, set inventory standards to allow selling only available items or reserve sales for items that are not yet available and monitor reservations until they become available and are automatically migrated. Users can also withdraw inventory and calculate its cost.

'Gauge Retail' offers ease of user and customer management, as well as loyalty system management. The protection system allows custom protection on POS models and grants permissions to all users. The system supports Arabic and English languages, facilitating efficient management of customer data and details. It also allows creating and managing multiple loyalty systems, including point accumulation, point redemption, and special discounts.

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